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Development Partners

We’ve been talking with lots of technical partners in the past few months who are excited to join the Cortex XSOAR ecosystem. Many technical partners are able to build their integration in-house with their existing development teams. (Learn what it takes to build an integration.) But there are many partners that are interested in joining our ecosystem but may be resource- or roadmap-constrained; they are unable to commit to building the integration.

To address this need, we’re pleased to have software development companies that have been trained by, and have access to, our engineering team to reduce risk in the integration development lifecycle. We call these Development Partners. The development partners below can help you with some or all of the integration work. These partners typically will do end-to-end work including scoping, designing, coding, testing, and checking the code into our repository. They know our process and the Cortex XSOAR product and can dramatically speed up your integration timeline.

How It Works#

Having your integration built by a development partner and certified by us is easy:

  1. Contact one or more of the partners below - They’ve been pre-screened and trained by Cortex XSOAR teams.

  2. Establish scoping and contracting - Define what you want to accomplish in your integration. We’re happy to join calls to define use cases and commands based on our experience -- just let us know! (Palo Alto Networks is not a party to your agreement.)

  3. Sign up as a Technical Partner - register and complete our Technology Partner Agreement (TPA) so we can publish the integration under your company name.

  4. The development partner will keep us updated on timing and any issues. They’ll manage the GitHub pull request and certification with our Engineering teams.

  5. [Most common] When the Integration is complete and GA, the development partner will release the code to you as a partner; you will support the integration for defects and enhancements going forward. Be sure to register for TSANet for that.

Our Partners#

Our ecosystem of helpful partners is growing. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us.

Crest Data Systems#


Crest Data Systems is a leading provider of software integrations and custom solutions in the areas of Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and DevOps based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Crest has built 1,500+ integrations and provided 24x7 managed (CloudOps/SRE and SOC) services for 100+ customers ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to Silicon Valley Startups to help them outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

→ Contact Malhar Shah at (

Loginsoft Consulting LLC#


Loginsoft, an IT Consulting company based out of VA, US, supports leading Cybersecurity product companies in Integrations with Threat Intelligence Platforms such as TIP, SOAR and SIEM, Developing Vulnerability Detection Plugins, CVE and Threat Research. Loginsoft's Cyber engineering team provides expertise in Application/Network/IoT Security including Vulnerability Management and Threat hunting. In addition, Loginsoft provides IT engineering support to Fortune companies like Verizon, Discovery, Humana, Customers Bank and so on with Application Development and QA Automation, both onsite and offshore.

→ Contact Sumanth Juturu at (

Metron Labs#

Metron builds, manages, and maintains third-party integrations for 60+ leading security platforms. Our on-demand and fixed-cost approach is streamlined and trusted by numerous growth companies in the security space - from high-growth unicorns to large enterprises. As an XSOAR development partner, we help you maximize your XSOAR capabilities. Our clients have experienced shorter development times and 2X-3X cost savings compared to deploying an internal engineering team for the same tasks. In addition, Metron also builds integration labs to manage 100+ third-party integrations, set up malware labs for researchers, and several other custom security automation solutions.

→ Contact Prashant Koirala (

NTT DATA Services#


NTT DATA Services is a digital business and IT services leader headquartered in Plano, Texas. We are the largest business unit outside Japan of trusted global innovator NTT DATA Corporation, a top 10 provider and part of the $109B NTT Group. With our consultative approach, we leverage deep industry expertise and leading-edge technologies powered by AI, automation and cloud to create practical and scalable solutions that contribute to society and help clients worldwide. Our global team delivers one of the industry’s most robust and integrated portfolios. This includes consulting, applications, data intelligence and analytics, hybrid infrastructure, workplace, cybersecurity and business process services to help organizations accelerate and sustain value throughout their digital journeys.

→ Contact Phani Nudurupati (



With decades of experience in consulting, project management, IT integration and working with a wide range of companies from many sectors, including the Israeli Government, QMasters addresses ever-growing security demands. QMasters has quickly established itself as a leading Information Security company, both in Israel and internationally, specializing in consulting, implementing and integrating of security products and solutions.

→ Contact Gregori Nazrovsky (

ScienceSoft USA Corporation#

ScienceSoft Cybersecurity is a team of experienced cybersecurity developers/consultants, certified hackers/pen testers, and SIEM/SOAR/XDR experts whose job is to protect organizations, simulate breaking into them and discover risks & vulnerabilities before the criminals find them. ScienceSoft helps companies fix vulnerabilities, test products, and put solid security controls in place. Our teams work in a fully secure, closed-off and controlled environment compliant with ISO 27001. We specialize in custom cybersecurity app/integration development and professional services.

→ Contact Alex Nivin (


SecInfra's goal is to support cybersecurity companies in their efforts to secure their infrastructure. We help IT departments implement a structured approach to make the most of the technological innovations available in the cybersecurity ecosystem to meet the most demanding challenges. Among our expertises, SOAR holds a preponderant place, whether it's within our MDR service or our delivery expertise. We have a thorough understanding of XSOAR, from the design of the platform to the development of complex custom integrations, including remote management and support.

→ Contact Guillaume Brauman (



SOAR XPERTS is a team of like-minded, highly skilled and determined individuals, all sharing the passion for digitising and automating cybersecurity operations knowledge and best practices. We are NOT another cybersecurity company; we strive that our clients acknowledge us as "customer-first" centric. We specialise in the XSOAR platform and help its community get the most out of their investment in the platform. Our guiding principles are fit for purpose and fair value for money.

→ Contact Abe Binder (

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