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Paid Packs Process

The process for submitting a paid pack on XSOAR differs slightly from that of a free pack but our Partner Success Team will help you through the whole way.

1. Sign the Terms & Conditions Document#

All publishers who wish to contribute a paid pack on Marketplace must sign a 2pg terms and conditions document that defines a few additional terms to the Technology Partner Agreement (TPA) including taxes, invoicing, revenue share, etc. It will be executed via DocuSign and we do not accept redlines.

2. Complete Vendor Onboarding#

In order for us to pay the revenue share, publishers of paid packs must complete Palo Alto Networks vendor onboarding. This process is straightforward and begins by completing a form and then you can expect communications with our Onboarding team via email and our secure portal.

3. Create Private Repository#

Paid packs are not stored in the XSOAR open source repository but instead in the publisher's own, private GitHub repo. We'll help you set it up.

4. Build Paid Pack(s)#

Build the content for the paid packs.

  • If you're submitting a premium content pack, add the dashboards, playbooks, etc. as you would normally. Revisit the Contributor Guidlines if needed.
  • If you're submitting a premium resell pack, the pack is mostly empty except for some basic metadata files.

Either way, we'll work with you to define, scope and guide you through the process.

5. Open a Pull Request on Private Repo#

In order for us to review the content, we must receive a pull request and access as detailed in our docs. After our review, we'll add your pack Marketplace automatically.

We've strived to make this a simple process with minimal burden on the partner. If you're interested in submitting premium content on our Marketplace, please contact the Partner Success Team today.

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