SafeBreach Rerun Insights

This playbook reruns a SafeBreach insight based on id and waits until it completes. Returns the updated insight object after post rerun.


This playbook uses the following sub-playbooks, integrations, and scripts.


  • GenericPolling


  • SafeBreach v2


  • Sleep


  • safebreach-get-insights
  • safebreach-rerun-insight

Playbook Inputs

NameDescriptionDefault ValueSourceRequired
InsightIdSafeBreach Insight Id to rerunInsight.IdSafeBreachOptional

Playbook Outputs

SafeBreach.Insight.NameInsight name representing the action required to be takenunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.IdInsight unique idunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.DataTypeInsight data type. Options: Hash, Domain, URI, Command, Port, Protocolunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.CategorySecurity control category nameunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.LatestSimulationTime of the latest simulation from the insightunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.SimulationsCountNumber of the related simulationsunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.RiskImpactRisk impact of the insight on the environment total risk scoreunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.AffectedTargetsCountNumber of the affected targetsunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.SeverityScoreInsight severity numeric valueunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.SeverityInsight severity mapped to low/medium/highunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.RemediationDataCountNumber of the remediation data pointsunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.RemediationDataTypeType of the remediation dataunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.ThreatGroupsArray of APT names that are mapped to the insightunknown
SafeBreach.Insight.NetworkDirectionCommunication direction of Insight, relative to the target (inbound/outbound)unknown
SafeBreach.Insight.AttacksCountList of all insight related SafeBreach attack idsunknown