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Demisto Content Release Notes for version 20.2.2 (40656)

Published on 09 February 2020#

This is a patch release for Content Release 20.2.2.

7 Improved Integrations#

  • Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS
    • Fixed an issue in the panorama-create-rule and panorama-create-block-rule commands.
    • Added the category argument to the panorama-create-rule command.
  • Kenna V2 You can supply a list for the id, status, and top-priority arguments in the following commands.
    • kenna-search-assets
    • kenna-get-asset-vulnerabilities
    • kenna-search-fixes
    • kenna-search-vulnerabilities
  • Microsoft Graph Mail Fixed an issue where not all items were retrieved from a mailbox.
  • QRadar Fixed an issue where the qradar-get-search-results and qradar-get-search commands ignored the headers argument.
  • Securonix Fixed an issue where the integration failed to fetch incidents.
  • Carbon Black Defense:
    • Added proper error messages for missing fetch parameters.
    • Added a detailed description that describes how to retrieve the fetch parameters: SIEM Key and SIEM ID.
  • Netskope Fixed an issue in cases when the last time of the fetch was not updated correctly.


2 New Playbooks#

  • PAN-OS EDL Setup v2
    • Configures an external dynamic list in PAN-OS.
    • If the EDL file exists on the web server, it will sync to Demisto and create an EDL object with a matching rule.
  • PAN-OS - Create Or Edit EDL Rule Creates or edits a Panorama rule and moves it to the specified position.

2 Improved Playbooks#

  • Block IOCs from CSV - External Dynamic List Fixed - the first condition was working only on some of the CSV files and some of them not.
  • PAN-OS - Block IP and URL - External Dynamic List
    • Fixed issue with task inputs.
    • Added new sub-playbooks.

For more information about the release, see 20.2.0