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Cyren Phishing and Fraud Intelligence Feed

Cyren's Phishing and Fraud URL Intelligence analyzes billions of internet transactions in web and email traffic to provide real-time info on URLs that are known to serve phishing pages. Contextual information includes brand and industry information among others.

Threat InDepth's correlated and contextualized intelligence helps enterprises improve their threat detection and response by providing unprecedented visibility into new email-borne security threats and actionable insights to make meaningful response decisions. By correlating insights gathered across email content, web traffic, and suspicious files; Cyren provides security teams with a multi-dimensional presentation of critical threat characteristics.

Phishing and Fraud URL Intelligence

  • Analyzes billions of internet transactions in web and email traffic to provide real-time info on URLs that are known to serve phishing pages
  • Achieved by applying unique technologies and algorithms to gather a rich data set including brand and industry fields
  • Context Includes brand and industry information

Benefits of Threat InDepth Phishing and Fraud URL Intelligence

  • Early visibility to new and emerging phishing attacks: Cyren GlobalView™ Threat Intelligence cloud processes billions of transactions a day to provide the earliest possible indication of evolving phishing threats. Phishing and Fraud URL Intelligence leverages GlobalView to detect new, emerging email-borne threats hiding in plain sight, ensuring early detection.
  • Accelerate threat detection & incident response: With attackers leveraging phishing emails to continually attack enterprises, timely, contextualized threat intelligence empowers security teams to make smart and meaningful decisions against evolving attacker tactics. By providing security teams with timely, actionable insights, Phishing and Fraud URL Intelligence helps them rapidly prioritize and respond to threats, thereby reducing Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).

What makes Threat InDepth unique

  • Global and Expanded Focus
    Provides unique threat visibility into the evolving email-borne threats

  • Synchronized Intelligence
    Correlated, contextualized insights speed up threat detection and response

  • Machine Generated, Human Curated
    Industry trusted intelligence with low false positives improves detection efficacy of your security investments

  • First to Detect, First to Protect
    Provides timely protection against evolving email-borne threats

Cyren GlobalView Cloud

Feeds included in this Content Pack

The Cyren Threat InDepth content pack includes access to these streams of indicators:

  • Phishing & Fraud URL Intelligence




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CreatedFebruary 15, 2021
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