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Fetches indicators from MITRE ATT&CK.

Use the MITRE ATT&CK Feed pack to fetch indicators from MITRE ATT&CK. MITRE ATT&CK is a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations of cyber security threats.

The newest MITRE Feed V2 Pack introduces the STIX format and ingests more Threat Intel than before. All the MITRE information now in your XSOAR Threat Intel Library.

  • Techniques and SubTechniques are now Attack Pattern
  • Group as Intrusion Set
  • Software as Tool or Malware
  • Mitigation as Course of Action
  • Note: Relationships is supported from version 6.2 and later.

Note: When upgrading from v1 (MITRE IDs Feed) to v2 (MITRE ATT&CK) - disabling the MITRE IDs Feed indicator type, and instance are important for the smooth flow of the upgrade.


Cortex XSOAR


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Supported ByCortex XSOAR
CreatedMay 27, 2021
Last ReleaseJuly 11, 2022

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