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Pack Certification

Certification is the process by which Cortex XSOAR validates and marks the quality of the Content Pack. It correlates with the confidence a customer should have in the delivered content offering. Certified Packs indicate the highest level of quality and reliability in our ecosystem. Palo Alto Networks sets detailed standards for certification but see below for high level guidance.

Note: certification is separate from support; all Partner-submitted Packs must be supported by the Partner, regardless if the Pack is certifed or not.

Levels of Certification#

There are currently two levels of certification for all packs:

  • Not Certified: The Pack has gone through full security testing and basic functionality testing by Palo Alto Networks.

  • Certified: The Pack has gone through full security testing and full functionality testing including full coding standards, best practices check, documentation review and a demonstration.

It is up to Palo Alto Networks at its discretion to mark a piece of content with a specific certification.


All Partner packs will be certified. Individual contributors may choose to certify their packs, too.


Certification requirements include:

  1. Full functionality testing — partners must ensure full Pack compatibility with all of Cortex XSOAR via a self-certify process.

  2. Documentation — full documentation for the entire pack reviewed by Palo Alto Networks.

  3. Mature use cases and content — including full coverage of Partner’s APIs and features; playbooks to allow customers to demonstrate the value, layouts to highlight fields, etc.

  4. Coding best practices — adherence to best practices for coding standards and a deeper inspection of code.

  5. Partner product access - in order for us to validate the pack functionality.


A certified pack has benefits, too:

  1. Has the customer's full confidence in the quality and functionality of the Pack.

  2. Receives visual highlighting to draw users' attention to the Pack.

  3. More easily found via filters to show only certified Packs.

  4. Elevated priority interaction with the Cortex XSOAR technical teams.

Get Certified!#

Reach out to the Alliances Team to discuss certification for your new or existing Pack.

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