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As part of Cortex XSOAR Partner enablement, our Partner Success Engineers listed some helpful videos below for guidance when contributing a pack to the XSOAR Marketplace.

Session Archives#

Here are a few highlighted recorded sessions that will likely prove useful:

  • Onboarding Overview (6/18/20) - Covers an introduction to partnership with Cortex XSOAR including the process and the end-to-end flow.
  • Intro & Design Doc (5/21/20) - Covers an introduction to our platform and partnership and reviews the Design Document that all Partners must complete.
  • Set up developer environment (IDE) (5/28/20) - A super useful session for developers on how to configure the development environment.
  • Creating an Integration - Step by step, we'll show you how to create an integration between Cortex XSOAR and your product.
  • Pack structure (6/4/20) - A Pack is the logic folder that holds all the elements releated to your integration. Learn the contents and how to build yours.
  • Incident layouts and fields (7/23/20) - Detailed explaination how to make your data show and shine in our UI.
  • Unit testing (6/25/20) - Once your Pack is built, we require you to build unit tests to ensure all commands are functional.
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