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Welcome to the Cortex XSOAR Developer Hub! You'll be able find a lot of information on how to create content in Cortex XSOAR. If you see something missing or have any comments, please let us know by using the Report an issue button at the bottom of each page. We value your contribution and we strive to give you a great developer experience.

About Cortex XSOAR#

Cortex XSOAR's security orchestration and automation enables standardized, automated, and coordinated response across your security product stack. Playbooks powered by thousands of security actions make scalable, accelerated incident response a reality. On this site you will learn the ins and outs of Cortex XSOAR's development platform so you can begin to create content and integrations.

Developer Documentation#

The Cortex XSOAR Developer Hub is organized in different sections to guide you through the process of creating a successful Cortex XSOAR contribution. Start with the Getting Started section to understand the Cortex XSOAR concepts, the Contribution process, and to set up a development environment.

On the left sidebar you'll find documentation for all the different things you can build: start with Content Packs that represent the backbone of every contribution then, depending on what you want to create, explore the other sections accordingly: Integrations & Scripts, Playbooks, Incidents, Fields & Layouts.

Finally, the Tutorials section includes longer end-to-end articles that guide you through a specific process (i.e. design).


From the top bar, navigate to the Articles section to find useful documentation about Cortex XSOAR and its Content. Articles are mostly meant for end users and SOC Engineers.


From the top bar, navigate to the Reference section to find detailed reference documentation about all the Cortex XSOAR components: Integrations, Scripts, Playbooks, Release Notes, Articles, etc. You can use the search bar on the top right to find anything on this site.

Developer Newsletter#

The Cortex XSOAR content is evolving continuously thanks to both our internal teams and many external contributions. To make sure you're always up-to-speed about everything you need to develop content on Cortex XSOAR, including tips and tricks, sign up to the Cortex XSOAR Developer Newsletter.


If you are a Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner, or wish to become a Partner, please check out our Partners section of the site.

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