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Integrate with Wiz for bidirectional Issue management and fetching of resource information.

The Wiz Inc. Cortex XSOAR content pack features the contextual toxic combination risk analysis findings of Wiz with the Cortex XSOAR analytics.
Use this Content Pack to prioritize risks that span your entire cloud estate and act upon them.

What does this pack do?
  • Imports/listens (to) Wiz Issues regarding toxic combinations, vulnerabilities, malware and misconfigurations, alongside lateral movement, identitity, secrets and exposure risks.
  • Provides investigative opportunities through correlation, visualization, and historical views to deliver advanced security reporting and situational awareness. Out of box Commands facilitate this.
  • Provides real time threat detection; alerts from Wiz are pushed in real time.

For more information, visit Wiz Inc.

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Wiz Inc.


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CreatedJanuary 13, 2022
Last ReleaseAugust 9, 2022

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