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URL Extraction

The Cortex XSOAR URL indicator type is built using regular expression and a formatting script. The following describes the URL extraction components and what output you should expect when extracting indicators of type URL.

URL Extraction Components#

There are two components when extracting URL indicators:

  • Regular expression
  • Formatting script

Regular Expression#

When text is given, a URL regular expression will try to catch a valid URL based on the following characteristics:

  • A URL prefixed by one of the following protocols:
    • http
    • https
    • ftp
    • ftps
    • hxxp (defanged hxxp)
    • hxxps (defanged hxxps)
  • A URL with ASCII or non-ASCII characters
  • Escaped and unescaped URLs
  • URL with or without query parameters

Formatting Script#

After extracting the URL using regular expression, a FormatURL formatting script iterates on each given URL and does the following:

  1. If the URL is prefixed by a URL defense system, Proofpoint or ATP, the script extracts the redirected URL and continues with steps 3-6 for the original and extracted redirected URL.

  2. If the URL is NOT prefixed by a URL defense system, Proofpoint or ATP, the script checks if the first query parameter is a redirected URL query parameter by checking if the first parameter value starts with http or https.

    The following is an example of such a query parameter:

    If such a query parameter exists, the script extracts the redirected URL and performs steps 3-6 both for the given URL and the one extracted from the query parameter.

  3. Replaces "[.]" with "." .

    For example:

    https://www[.] →

  4. Decodes the URL.

    For example: →!@

  5. Converts obfuscated characters.

    For example:

    hxxp → http

    hxxps → https

  6. Returns the formatted URL.

Common URL Structures#

The following are some of the most common URL structures that Cortex XSOAR supports:

  • http://öevil.tld/

  • https://evilö.tld/evil.html

  • www.evilö.tld/evil.aspx

  • https://www.evöl.tld/

  • www.evil.tld/resource

  • http://xn--e1v2i3l4.tld/evilagain.aspx

  • https://www.xn--e1v2i3l4.tld

  • hxxps://www.xn--e1v2i3l4.tld

  • hxxp://www.xn--e1v2i3l4.tld

  • www.evil.tld:443/path/to/resource.html






  • http://☺.evil.tld/



  • ftps://

For more information about indicator extraction, see the Cortex XSOAR Administrator's Guide.

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