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Active Directory Authentication

This integration enables using your Active Directory user authentication settings in Cortex XSOAR. Users can log in to Cortex XSOAR with their Active Directory username and passwords, and their permissions in Cortex XSOAR is set according to the groups and mapping set in Active Directory.

This integration requires read access permission or higher.

To set up the integration on Cortex XSOAR:#

  1. Go to Settings > INTEGRATIONS > Servers & Services
  2. Locate the Active Directory Authentication integration.
  3. Click Add instance to create and configure a new integration. You should configure the following settings:
    • Name: A textual name for the integration instance.
    • Server IP: The Active Directory server you are using.
    • Port: The port being used.
    • Credentials and Password: The username and password, or toggle to Credentials.
    • Base DN: For example, DC=domain, DC=com.
    • Default Domain: The default domain being used to connect to Active Directory.
    • Security Type: The security type you are using to connect to Active Directory such as none, SSL or TLS.
    • Do not validate server certificate: Select to avoid server certification validation. You may want to do this in case Cortex XSOAR cannot validate the integration server certificate (due to missing CA certificate).
    • Auto populate groups: Select this option to get Active Directory groups and add them as roles in Cortex XSOAR, by which Cortex XSOAR permissions are set.
    • Full path for CA certificate of Active Directory server (type pem): Type the path to the server file system where the CA certificate of the LDAP is located. Add this if you use your own certificate.
    • Single engine: If relevant, select the engine that acts as a proxy to the server.
      Engines are used when you need to access a remote network segments and there are network devices such as proxies, firewalls, etc. that prevent the Cortex XSOAR server from accessing the remote networks.
      For more information about engines see:
  4. Click Test to validate connection.
    If you are experiencing issues with the service configuration, contact Cortex XSOAR support.
  5. After completing the test successfully, click Save & exit.


Use Active Directory user authentication groups to set user roles in Demisto.

Server Configurations#

After you have successfully set up your integration, you may want to customize attributes such as name, mail, and phone fields as the user's AD attributes. You can change the following configurations, by selecting Settings > ABOUT > Troubleshooting > Add Server Configuration:

ad.login.nameThe value is the attribute name to take the name value from. Default is name.
ad.login.mailThe value is the attribute mail to take the mail value from. Default is mail.
ad.login.phoneThe value is attribute phone to take the phone value from. Default is telephoneNumber. to true to fetch the phone number as well as other attributes. Default is false.