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AWS Simple Notification Service (AWS SNS)

You can send Amazon SNS notifications and alerts from all SNS-supported AWS services to XSOAR using HTTPS, to automatically create incidents from the notifications and alerts according to how you map and classify them.

Alerts and notifications are received in near real-time and are not pooled.


  • Verify that your XSOAR server HTTPS endpoint (port 443) has inbound access to Amazon Web Services.
  • Server certificates must be signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) that Amazon supports. For a list of supported CAs that Amazon supports, see the Amazon documentation.

Configure AWS SNS to Send Notifications to Cortex XSOAR#

  1. Log in to your AWS console and select the SNS service.

  2. Click Create topic.

    • In the Topic name field, type a meaningful name for the topic.
    • In the Display name field, type a meaningful display name for the topic.

  3. Create a new subscription for the topic you created.

    • From the Protocol drop-down menu, select HTTPS.
    • In the Endpoint field, type the following URL with your server details: [https://<demisto-api-key>@<demisto-server-url>/incident/aws/sns](https://@/incidents/aws/sns)To create the Demisto API key, navigate to Settings > Integrations > API Keys.
    • Click Create Subscription and wait a few seconds for the XSOAR server to approve the subscription request.

Configure Classification and Mapping for Incoming AWS SNS Events#

To configure classification and mapping for incoming AWS SNS events:

  • Navigate to Settings > Classification and Mapping > API Endpoint Mapping.
  • Select a Classifier and Mapper (Incoming) for Amazon SNS.
  • Save the settings. API Endpoint Mapping ButtonAWS SNS Classification and Mapping