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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Event Collector

This Integration is part of the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Pack.#

Supported versions

Supported Cortex XSOAR versions: 6.8.0 and later.

Microsoft 365 Defender event collector integration for Cortex XSIAM.

Configure Microsoft 365 Defender Event Collector on Cortex XSIAM#

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Servers & Services.

  2. Search for Microsoft 365 Defender Event Collector.

  3. Click Add instance to create and configure a new integration instance.

    Endpoint URIThe United States:
    The United Kingdom:
    Client (Application) IDThe client (application) ID to use to connect.True
    Client SecretTrue
    Tenant IDTrue
    First fetch timestamp (<number> <time unit>, for example 12 hours, 7 days)False
    Fetch alerts timeoutThe time limit in seconds for fetch alerts to run. Leave this empty to cancel the timeout limit.False
    Number of alerts for each fetch.Due to API limitations, the maximum is 10,000.False
    Fetch eventsFalse
    Verify SSL CertificateFalse
    Use system proxy settingsFalse
  4. Click Test to validate the URLs, token, and connection.


You can execute these commands from the Cortex XSOAR CLI, as part of an automation, or in a playbook. After you successfully execute a command, a DBot message appears in the War Room with the command details.


Returns a list of alerts

Base Command#



Argument NameDescriptionRequired
limitThe maximum number of alerts per fetch. Default is 10000.Optional
first_fetchThe first fetch time (<number> <time unit>, for example 12 hours, 1 day, 3 months). Default is 3 days.Optional

Context Output#

There is no context output for this command.

Context Example#

"Microsoft365Defender": {
"alerts": [
"classification": null,
"investigationState": "TerminatedBySystem",
"computerDnsName": "computer-name",
"evidence": [],
"aadTenantId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"id": "aa000000000000000000_000000000",
"category": "SuspiciousActivity",
"threatFamilyName": null,
"lastUpdateTime": "2022-05-12T07:29:45.1466667Z",
"lastEventTime": "2022-05-12T01:19:11.7046854Z",
"firstEventTime": "2022-05-12T01:19:11.7046854Z",
"threatName": null,
"comments": [],
"assignedTo": null,
"detectorId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"detectionSource": "AutomatedInvestigation",
"resolvedTime": null,
"alertCreationTime": "2022-05-12T01:19:11.8059246Z",
"status": "New",
"description": "MS description",
"loggedOnUsers": [],
"determination": null,
"severity": "Informational",
"mitreTechniques": [],
"machineId": "abc1234567890987654321234567890987654xyz",
"title": "Automated investigation started manually",
"investigationId": 0000,
"relatedUser": null,
"rbacGroupName": "UnassignedGroup",
"incidentId": 0000