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This Integration is part of the MxToolBox Pack.#


Run any supported command on the mxtoolbox API

Notice: Submitting indicators using this command might make the indicator data publicly available. See the vendor’s documentation for more details.

Base Command#



Argument NameDescriptionRequired
commandThe command you want to execute. Possible values are: mx, a, dns, spf, txt, soa, ptr, blacklist, smtp, tcp, http, https, ping, trace.Required
dataThe data to query.Required
additionalParamsAny additional query parameters you want to add.Optional

Context Output#

MXToolbox.PassedunknownSuccessful results
MXToolbox.FailedunknownQuery failures
MXToolbox.ErrorsunknownQuery errors
MXToolbox.WarningsunknownWarning for query
MXToolbox.InformationunknownAdditional information regarding the query
MXToolbox.MultiInformationunknownAdditional multi-information
MXToolbox.TranscriptunknownQuery transcript