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This Integration is part of the Tidy Pack.#



Usually, the main bottlenecks in an on-boarding process are the various software and programs required for the new recruit's computer. Whether if it's a developer, customer success engineer, or a product specialist, on average it takes about three days to get everything up and running. Also, this process generally requires help from other colleagues. The Tidy pack reduces the on-boarding process for new recruits to a matter of minutes. The Tidy pack uses Ansible to connect to the new recruit's laptop over ssh and executing predefined commands.

Main use cases#

With the Tidy pack you can create a role-based playbook that will execute all required installations for the new recruit.

  • Install languages with specific versions (currently Python, Node and Go are supported).
  • Create a GitHub SSH key and clone all relevant git repositories.
  • Install all relevant programs using homebrew.
  • Install zsh and configure bash_profile / bash_rc.

Supported actions#

  • Install pyenv with specific Python versions.
  • Install goenv with specific Go versions.
  • Install nodenv with specific Node versions.
  • Install packages on Mac-OS using homebrew.
  • Generate a github ssh-key (a GitHub token is required - see here for instructions)
  • Clone a git repository into a selected path, this command requires a github ssh key on the machine to work.
  • Configure the git cli using key-value parameters in a selected scope.
  • Install zsh on the machine.
  • Edit a file, can be used to modify the configuration file or bash_profile file on the machine.
  • Install OSx command line tools on the machine.
  • Execute a command on the machine.