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This Integration is part of the Traceable Pack.#

Supported versions

Supported Cortex XSOAR versions: 5.5.0 and later.

Traceable AI API Security Platform Integration#


Traceable platform monitors application APIs and detects Threat Events. These Threat Events consist of the details about the Threat Activity, the Actor performing the threat activity and the request/response payloads.

With this integration, an Incident can be raised in Cortex Xsoar when an event is detected by Traceable platform. This enables the security teams to orchestrate actions through Cortex Xsoar with meaningful information about the detected Threat Activities.


To use the integration the following mandatory parameters need to be set:

Parameter NameDefault ValueDescription
Traceable Platform API Endpoint URLhttps://api.traceable.aiBase URL of the Traceable platform API endpoint.
API Token-API token used for authenticating against the Traceable platform.
Trust any certificate (not secure)falseTrust any SSL certificate while connecting to the Traceable platform API endpoint.
Use system proxy settingsfalseUse the system proxy using the environment variables http_proxy/https_proxy.

The API token can be generated as described in the Traceable Documentation

Customize Event/Activity Collection#

The following parameters can be used to select the events that should be imported from the Traceable platform into Cortex Xsoar as security incidents.

Parameter nameTypeRequired (Yes/No)Default ValueDescription
First fetch timestampShort textNo1 daysDuration in the past to query the events, when querying for the first time.
max_fetchShort textNo100Number of records to return from Traceable platform per query.
span_fetch_threadpoolShort textNo10Number of threads to use for querying spans in parallel.
Comma Separated Environment List To ProcessLong textNo-Comma separated list of environments to query.
Security Score CategoryMulti selectNoCRITICAL, HIGH, MEDIUMSecurity Score Category of the events to be queried.
Threat CategoryMulti selectNoMalicious Activities, API Abuse, Malicious SourcesThreat Category of the events to be queried.
IP Reputation LevelMulti selectNoCRITICAL, HIGH, MEDIUMIP Reputation Level of the events to be queried.
IP Abuse VelocityMulti selectNoCRITICAL, HIGH, MEDIUMIP Abuse Velocity of the events to queried.
IP Location TypeMulti selectNo-IP Location type of the events to be queried.
Traceable Platform Endpoint URLLong textNohttps://app.traceable.aiBase URL of the Traceable platform UI endpoint.
Ignore Status CodesLong textNo400-499Ignore incidents for attacks failing with these status codes.
Incident optional field listMulti selectNoactorDevice,actorEntityId,actorId,actorScoreCategory,actorSession,anomalousAttribute,apiName,apiUri,category,ipAbuseVelocity,ipReputationLevel,securityEventType,securityScore,serviceId,serviceName,actorScore,threatCategory,typeOptional fields to pull from the Traceable event.
Additional API AttributesMulti selectNoisExternal,isAuthenticated,riskScore,riskScoreCategory,isLearntAdditional API attributes to query for the affected API in the incident.

Incident Types#

The integration generates Exploit type of incidents.

Official Traceable Documentation#


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