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This Integration is part of the Workday Pack.#

Workday offers enterprise-level software solutions for financial management, human resources, and planning. This integration was integrated and tested with version 34.0 of Workday

Configure Workday on Cortex XSOAR#

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Servers & Services.
  2. Search for Workday.
  3. Click Add instance to create and configure a new integration instance.
base_urlServer URL (e.g.\)True
tenant_nameTenant nameTrue
insecureTrust any certificate (not secure)False
proxyUse system proxy settingsFalse
  1. Click Test to validate the URLs, token, and connection.


You can execute these commands from the Cortex XSOAR CLI, as part of an automation, or in a playbook. After you successfully execute a command, a DBot message appears in the War Room with the command details.


List workers command - Returns information for specified workers.

Base Command#



Argument NameDescriptionRequired
employee_idEmployee ID of the worker for which to get information.Optional
countThe maximum number of results to return. (default = 50)Optional
pageThe page from which to get the employees data. (default = 1)Optional
managersNumber of managers to show. (default = 3)Optional

Context Output#

Workday.Worker.Worker_IDStringThe ID for the employee or contingent worker.
Workday.Worker.User_IDStringText attribute identifying User Name.
Workday.Worker.CountryStringThe worker Country.
Workday.Worker.Legal_First_NameStringThe First Name (Given Name) for a worker.
Workday.Worker.Legal_Last_NameStringThe Last Name (Family Name) for a worker.
Workday.Worker.Preferred_First_NameStringThe First Name (Preferred Name) for a worker.
Workday.Worker.Preferred_Last_NameStringThe Last Name (Preferred Name) for a worker.
Workday.Worker.Position_IDStringText attribute identifying Position ID.
Workday.Worker.Position_TitleStringText attribute identifying Position Title.
Workday.Worker.Business_TitleStringBusiness title for the position.
Workday.Worker.Start_DateStringDate the Worker first started work in this Position.
Workday.Worker.End_Employment_Reason_ReferenceStringTermination/End Additional Job Reason.
Workday.Worker.Worker_TypeStringThe worker type for the position.
Workday.Worker.Position_Time_TypeStringPosition time type.
Workday.Worker.Scheduled_Weekly_HoursStringScheduled Weekly Hours for Position.
Workday.Worker.Default_Weekly_HoursStringStandard Weekly Hours for Position.
Workday.Worker.Full_Time_Equivalent_PercentageStringFull Time Equivalent Percentage for Position.
Workday.Worker.Exclude_from_HeadcountStringIf Y, the position will be excluded from headcount reporting.
Workday.Worker.Pay_Rate_TypeStringPay rate type for the position.
Workday.Worker.Job_Profile_NameStringThe name of the job profile.
Workday.Worker.Work_Shift_RequiredStringReturns true if a work shift is required on the position where this job profile is used.
Workday.Worker.Critical_JobStringReturns true if the job profile is considered a critical job.
Workday.Worker.Business_Site_idStringBusiness Site ID.
Workday.Worker.Business_Site_NameStringThe name of the location.
Workday.Worker.Business_Site_TypeStringThe type of a location.
Workday.Worker.Business_Site_Address.Address_IDStringBusiness site address ID.
Workday.Worker.Business_Site_Address.Formatted_AddressStringThe formatted address in the format specified for the country.
Workday.Worker.Business_Site_Address.CountryStringCountry for the address.
Workday.Worker.Business_Site_Address.Postal_CodeStringThe postal code part of the address.
Workday.Worker.End_DateStringThe effective date of the end employment business process.
Workday.Worker.Pay_Through_DateStringThe pay through date for the end of employment.
Workday.Worker.ActiveStringBoolean attribute identifying whether the Worker is Active.
Workday.Worker.Hire_DateStringThe most recent hire date for the employee or contract start date for the contingent worker.
Workday.Worker.Hire_ReasonStringReason for Hire from the most recent Hire event.
Workday.Worker.First_Day_of_WorkStringFirst Day of Work only applies to the Payroll web service.
Workday.Worker.RetiredStringBoolean attribute identifying whether the Worker is currently retired.
Workday.Worker.Days_UnemployedStringNumber of days unemployed since the employee first joined the work force. Used only for China.
Workday.Worker.TerminatedStringBoolean attribute identifying whether the Worker is currently Terminated.
Workday.Worker.Termination_DateStringMost recent Termination Date.
Workday.Worker.Primary_Termination_ReasonStringThe primary reason for the worker's most recent termination.
Workday.Worker.Primary_Termination_CategoryStringReference to primary termination reason category.
Workday.Worker.Termination_InvoluntaryStringIndicates if the termination was involuntary.
Workday.Worker.RehireStringReturns "Yes" if the worker is a rehire based on the most recent hire event.
Workday.Worker.Termination_Last_Day_of_WorkStringLast day worked for the worker's termination event.
Workday.Worker.Resignation_DateStringDate the employee submitted their resignation.
Workday.Worker.Has_International_AssignmentStringIndicates whether the worker has internaitonal assignment
Workday.Worker.Home_Country_ReferenceStringContains the home country for worker's primary job (ISO_3166-1_Alpha-2_Code).
Workday.Worker.PhotoStringWorker's photo in base64.
Workday.Worker.Addresses.Address_IDStringWorker's address ID.
Workday.Worker.Addresses.Formatted_AddressStringthe formatted address in the format specified for the country.
Workday.Worker.Addresses.CountryStringCountry for the Worker's address.
Workday.Worker.Addresses.RegionStringThe ID of the region (ISO_3166-2_Code)
Workday.Worker.Addresses.Region_DescriptorStringThe region part of the address. Typically this contains the state/province information.
Workday.Worker.Addresses.Postal_CodeStringThe postal code part of the address.
Workday.Worker.Addresses.TypeStringAddress type.
Workday.Worker.Emails.Email_AddressStringEmail Address Information.
Workday.Worker.Emails.TypeStringUsage type.
Workday.Worker.Emails.PrimaryStringIndicates if the communication method is primary.
Workday.Worker.Emails.PublicStringIndicates if the Email is public.
Workday.Worker.Phones.IDStringPhone ID.
Workday.Worker.Phones.Phone_NumberStringPhone number.
Workday.Worker.Phones.TypeStringPhone Device Type.
Workday.Worker.Phones.UsageStringPhone usage data.
Workday.Worker.Manager.Manager_IDStringThe manager worker ID.
Workday.Worker.Manager.Manager_NameStringThe manager name.

Command Example#

!workday-list-workers employee_id=123456


!workday-list-workers page=1 count=1 managers=3

Context Example#

"Workday": {
"Worker": {
"Active": "1",
"Addresses": [
"Address_ID": "ADDRESS_REFERENCE-3-3415",
"Country": "SA",
"Formatted_Address": "Kingdom Tower
P.O Box: 230 888, Floor 28
Offices 1431, 1435, 1428, 1429
Riyadh 11321
Saudi Arabia",
"Postal_Code": "112345",
"Region": "01",
"Region_Descriptor": "Riyadh",
"Type": "WORK"
"Address_ID": "ADDRESS_REFERENCE-6-107",
"Country": "SA",
"Formatted_Address": "King Faisal District
Riyadh 13215
Saudi Arabia",
"Postal_Code": "112345",
"Region": "",
"Region_Descriptor": "",
"Type": "HOME"
"Business_Site_Address": {
"Address_ID": "ADDRESS_REFERENCE-3-3415",
"Country": "SA",
"Formatted_Address": "Kingdom Tower
P.O Box: 230 888, Floor 28
Offices 1431, 1435, 1428, 1429
Riyadh 11321
Saudi Arabia",
"Postal_Code": "112345"
"Business_Site_Name": "Office - Saudi Arabia - Riyadh",
"Business_Site_Type": "Office",
"Business_Site_id": "3010",
"Business_Title": "Regional Sales Manager",
"Country": "AE",
"Critical_Job": "0",
"Days_Unemployed": "0",
"Default_Weekly_Hours": "40",
"Emails": [
"Email_Address": "",
"Primary": true,
"Public": false,
"Type": "HOME"
"Email_Address": "",
"Primary": true,
"Public": true,
"Type": "WORK"
"End_Date": null,
"End_Employment_Reason_Reference": "",
"Exclude_from_Headcount": "0",
"First_Day_of_Work": "2020-03-25",
"Full_Time_Equivalent_Percentage": "100",
"Has_International_Assignment": "0",
"Hire_Date": "2020-03-25",
"Hire_Reason": "Hire_Employee_Hire_Employee_Rehire",
"Home_Country_Reference": "SA",
"Job_Profile_Name": "Regional Sales Manager (DQC)",
"Legal_First_Name": "Test_name",
"Legal_Last_Name": "Test_last_name",
"Managers": [
"Manager_ID": "100002",
"Manager_Name": "manager_name_3"
"Manager_ID": "100001",
"Manager_Name": "manager_name_2"
"Manager_ID": "100000",
"Manager_Name": "manager_name_1"
"Pay_Rate_Type": "Salary",
"Pay_Through_Date": null,
"Phones": [
"Phone_Number": "5-5501-2343",
"Type": "Mobile",
"Usage": "WORK"
"ID": "PHONE_REFERENCE-3-14614",
"Phone_Number": "55501234",
"Type": "Mobile",
"Usage": "HOME"
"Photo": "image_in_base64",
"Position_ID": "POS-114061",
"Position_Time_Type": "Full_time",
"Position_Title": "Regional Sales Manager",
"Preferred_First_Name": "Test_name",
"Preferred_Last_Name": "Test_last_name",
"Rehire": "1",
"Resignation_Date": "2018-06-14",
"Retired": "0",
"Scheduled_Weekly_Hours": "40",
"Start_Date": "2020-03-25",
"Terminated": "0",
"User_ID": "",
"Work_Shift_Required": "0",
"Worker_ID": "123456",
"Worker_Type": "Regular"

Human Readable Output#


123456test@paloaltonetworks.comAETest_nameTest_last_name1Regional Sales ManagerRegional Sales Manager2020-03-250