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Calculate Severity - GreyNoise

This Playbook is part of the GreyNoise Pack.#

Calculate and assign the incident severity based on the highest returned severity level from the following calculations:

  • DBotScores of indicators
  • Current incident severity


This playbook uses the following sub-playbooks, integrations, and scripts.


  • Calculate Severity Highest DBotScore For Ingress Network Traffic - GreyNoise
  • Calculate Severity Highest DBotScore For Egress Network Traffic - GreyNoise


This playbook does not use any integrations.


  • Set


  • setIncident

Playbook Inputs#

NameDescriptionDefault ValueRequired
DBotScoreArray of all indicators associated with the incident.DBotScoreOptional
NetworkTrafficDirectionThe direction of network traffic event associated with the Incident(Egress/Ingress). If not supplied, Ingress is considered.EgressOptional

Playbook Outputs#

CriticalAssetsAll critical assets involved in the incident.unknown
CriticalAssets.CriticalEndpointsCritical endpoints involved in the incident.unknown
CriticalAssets.CriticalEndpointGroupsCritical endpoint-groups involved in the incident.unknown
CriticalAssets.CriticalUsersCritical users involved in the incident.unknown
CriticalAssets.CriticalUserGroupsCritical user-groups involved in the incident.unknown

Playbook Image#

Calculate Severity - GreyNoise