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Detonate URL - Cuckoo

This Playbook is part of the Cuckoo Sandbox Pack.#

Detonates a URL with Cuckoo.


This playbook uses the following sub-playbooks, integrations, and scripts.


  • GenericPolling


This playbook does not use any integrations.


  • Sleep


  • cuckoo-view-task
  • cuckoo-get-task-report
  • cuckoo-create-task-from-url

Playbook Inputs#

NameDescriptionDefault ValueSourceRequired
URLThe URL to detonate.DataURLOptional
intervalHow often to poll for results.1-Optional
timeoutHow long to wait before giving up waiting for results.10-Optional

Playbook Outputs#

Cuckoo.Task.CategoryThe category of the task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.MachineThe machine of the task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.ErrorsThe errors of the task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.TragetThe traget of the task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.PackageThe package of the task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.SampleIDThe sample ID of the task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.GuestThe task guest.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.CustomThe custom values of task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.OwnerThe task owner.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.PriorityThe priority of task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.PlatformThe platform of task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.OptionsThe task options.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.StatusThe task status.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.EnforceTimeoutWhether the timeout of task is enforced.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.TimeoutThe task timeout.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.MemoryThe task memory.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.TagsThe task tags.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.IDThe ID of the task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.AddedOnThe date on which the task was added.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.CompletedOnThe date on which the task was completed.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.ScoreThe reported score of the the task.unknown
Cuckoo.Task.MonitorThe monitor of the reported task.unknown

Playbook Image#