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Launch Scan -

This Playbook is part of the Pack.#


Use tenable-sc-launch-scan-report command instead.

Launches an existing scan by scan ID and waits for the scan to finish by polling its status in pre-defined intervals.


This playbook uses the following sub-playbooks, integrations, and scripts.


  • GenericPolling




This playbook does not use any scripts.


  • tenable-sc-launch-scan
  • tenable-sc-get-scan-report

Playbook Inputs#

NameDescriptionDefault ValueRequired
ScanIDThe scan ID to launch.${TenableSC.Scan.ID}Required
diagnosticTargetThe valid IP address/hostname of a specific target to scan. Must be provided with diagnosticPassword.${Endpoint.IPAddress}Optional
diagnosticPasswordThe non-empty string password.${Endpoint.Password}Optional

Playbook Outputs#

TenableSC.ScanResults.NameThe scan name.string
TenableSC.ScanResults.StatusThe status of the scan.string
TenableSC.ScanResults.ScannedIPsThe number of scanned IP addresses of the scan.number
TenableSC.ScanResults.StartTimeThe start time of the
TenableSC.ScanResults.EndTimeThe end time of the
TenableSC.ScanResults.ChecksThe completed checks of the scan.number
TenableSC.ScanResults.RepositoryNameThe repository name of the scan.string
TenableSC.ScanResults.DescriptionThe description of the scan.string
TenableSC.ScanResults.PolicyThe policy of the scan.string
TenableSC.ScanResults.GroupThe owner group name of the scanstring
TenableSC.ScanResults.OwnerThe owner user name of the scan.string
TenableSC.ScanResults.DurationThe duration in minutes of the scan.number
TenableSC.ScanResults.ImportTimeThe import time of the
TenableSC.ScanResults.IDThe results ID of the scan.number
TenableSC.ScanResults.Vulnerability.IDThe vulnerability plugin ID of the scan.number
TenableSC.ScanResults.Vulnerability.NameThe vulnerability name of the scan.string
TenableSC.ScanResults.Vulnerability.FamilyThe vulnerability family of the scan.string
TenableSC.ScanResults.Vulnerability.SeverityThe vulnerability severity of the scan.string
TenableSC.ScanResults.Vulnerability.TotalThe vulnerability total hosts of the scan.number

Playbook Image#