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This Script is part of the Shift Management Pack.#

Supported versions

Supported Cortex XSOAR versions: 5.5.0 and later.

Assigns analysts who are not out of the office to the shift handover incident. Use the ManageOOOusers automation to add or remove analysts from the out-of-office list.


This automation runs using the default Limited User role, unless you explicitly change the permissions. For more information, see the section about permissions here:

Script Data#

Script Typepython3
TagsShift Management, ooo
Cortex XSOAR Version5.5.0

Used In#

This script is used in the following playbooks and scripts. Shift handover


Argument NameDescription
rolesThe list of roles from which to assign analysts to the shift handover incident. Can be an array or a comma-separated list. Leave empty to assign all analysts.
oncallWhether to randomly assign analysts who are on call for the shift handover. Possible values: "true" and "false". Requires Cortex XSOAR v5.5 or later.
listnameThe name of the out-of-office list. Default is "OOO List".
assignAllWhether to assign all on-call analysts to the shift handover incident. Set to "true" to assign all on-call analysts.


There are no outputs for this script.