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This Script is part of the Microsoft Teams Pack.#

Supported versions

Supported Cortex XSOAR versions: 5.5.0 and later.

This script is grants a user the permissions needed to create a Teams meeting. It connects to MS Teams, creating an application access policy to a chosen application and then grants a user permissions. For more information, see Microsoft documentation - Allow applications to access online meetings on behalf of a user

Script Data#

Script Typepowershell


Argument NameDescription
usernameThe login admin's username.
passwordThe login admin's password.
identityThe email of the user who will receive permissions to create a meeting.
app_idThe relevant app's ID from the app studio.


ConfigureAzureApplicationAccessPolicy.StatusWhether the access policy was given.String
ConfigureAzureApplicationAccessPolicy.AccountThe email of the user who received permissions to create a meeting.String
ConfigureAzureApplicationAccessPolicy.AppIDThe relevant app's ID from the app studio.String

Script Example#

!ConfigureAzureApplicationAccessPolicy app_id="37b5b9d5" identity="" username="" password="12345"

Context Example#

"ConfigureAzureApplicationAccessPolicy": {
"Status": "Access policy was given",
"Account": "",
"AppID": "37b5b9d5"

Human Readable Output#

Access policy was given.