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This Script is part of the Deprecated Content (Deprecated) Pack.#


Creates a text classifier model using machine learning. Each line of the text file is sample data, and it has to have a tag.

Script Data#

Script Typepython
Tagsphishing, ml
Cortex XSOAR Version4.1.0+


Argument NameDescription
trainingFileNameThe name of the text file (the format is described in the script details). The file should be attached in the War Room.
modelStoreListNameThe name of the list to store the model binary (as base64). The list must exist in Cortex XSOAR (with any value).
precisionThresholdThe precision threshold. The model will be stored only above this threshold.


DBotTextClassifier.TrainDataSizeThe number of training samples.number
DBotTextClassifier.ListNameThe model list name in Cortex XSOAR.Unknown
DBotTextClassifier.PrecisionThe model precision (precent).number
DBotTextClassifier.RecallThe model recall (precent).number