Asks a user a question via email and process the reply directly into the investigation.

Script Data

Script Typejavascript
Demisto Version4.0.0+


Argument NameDescription
emailThe email of the user to ask.
subjectThe subject for the email.
messageThe message sent to the user you are going to ask.
option1The first option for a user reply.The default is "yes".
option2The second option for the user reply. The default is "no".
additionalOptionsThe comma delimited list of additional options if there are more than 2.
taskWhich task the reply will close. If none, then no playbook tasks will be closed.
rolesSend mail to all users of these roles (a CSV list).
attachIdsThe attachments.
bodyTypeThe type of email body to send. Can be, "text" or "HTML".
replyAddressThe reply address for the html links.
replyEntriesTagThe tag to add on email reply entries.
persistentWhether to use one-time entitlement or a persistent one.
retriesHow many times to try and create an entitlement in case of a failure.
ccThe CC email address.
bccThe BCC email address.
playbookTaskIDThe subplaybook ID, use ${currentPlaybookID} to get from the context, all to complete all tasks from all plabooks


There are no outputs for this script.


Requires an instance of one of the email integrations: Gmail, MS Graph Mail, EWS, POP3, or Mail Sender.