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This Script is part of the Common Scripts Pack.#

Checks if an email address's domain is trying to squat other domain using Levenshtein distance algorithm.

Script Data#

Script Typejavascript
Tagsemail, reputation


Argument NameDescription
emailThe email address to check.
domainThe domain list to check against for squatting (comma separated).
thresholdThe similarity threshold.


AccountThe user account.Unknown
Account.EmailThe account's email object.Unknown
Account.Email.UsernameThe account's email username.string
Account.Email.AddressThe account's email address.string
Account.Email.DomainThe account's email domain.string
Account.Email.DistanceThe email address distance compared to the domains in the query.number
Account.Email.Distance.DomainThe compared domain.string
Account.Email.Distance.ValueThe distance between the email domain and the compared domain.number
DBotScore.IndicatorThe indicator.string
DBotScore.TypeThe indicator type.string
DBotScore.VendorThe DBot vendor score.string
DBotScore.ScoreThe DBot score.number