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Supported versions

Supported Cortex XSOAR versions: 5.5.0 and later.

The FireEye API handles the API Key generation from the user/password authentication.

  • Manages the API Key and caches it for 10 minutes, to avoid 401 errors for consecutive API Key generation.
  • Holds the client command calls to the WSAPIs v2.0.0.
  • Includes a few generally used static function converters.

To use the common FireEye API logic, attach the from FireEyeApiModule import * # noqa: E402 line of code in the following location to import it. After you import the module, the FireEyeClient will be available for use.

def main():
from FireEyeApiModule import * # noqa: E402
if __name__ in ('__main__', '__builtin__', 'builtins'):

For examples, see the FireEye Central Management integration.