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This Script is part of the Cortex REST API Pack.#

Gets all tasks for a specific incident by the given state.

Script Data#

Script Typejavascript


Argument NameDescription
incidentIdThe Incident ID to get tasks from.
statesThe comma-separated list of states. Can be, "New", "InProgress", "Completed", "Waiting", "Error", "Skipped", "Blocked". You can also leave this field empty to get all tasks.


TasksThe entire task object.Unknown
Tasks.idThe task ID.string
Tasks.nameThe task name.string
Tasks.typeThe type of the task. Can be, "regular", "condition", "title", "playbook", or "start".string
Tasks.ownerThe task owner.string
Tasks.stateThe task state. Can be, "inprogress", "Completed", "WillNotBeExecuted", "Error", "Waiting", "Blocked", and empty string for not started.string
Tasks.scriptIdThe task related script (empty if manual).string
Tasks.startDateThe task start date.unknown
Tasks.completedDateThe task completed date.unknown
Tasks.dueDateThe task due date (SLA).unknown
Tasks.parentPlaybookIDThe task parent playbook ID (in case the task is part of sub-playbook).unknown
Tasks.completedByThe task completed by (username).string