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This Script is part of the Developer Tools Pack.#

Supported versions

Supported Cortex XSOAR versions: 6.0.0 and later.

Use rakyll/hey to test a web application with a load of requests.


Argument NameDescription
urlURL to query.
requests_numberNumber of requests to run. Default is 200.
timeoutTimeout for each request in seconds. Default is 20, use 0 for infinite.
concurrencyNumber of workers to run concurrently.
durationDuration of application to send requests (in seconds).
methodHTTP method.
headersCustom HTTP header. Comma separated list of "key=value". e.g. Type=IP,Size=100.
disable_compressionDisable compression.
results_mapAdditional information to add to the result. Comma separated list of "key=value". e.g. Content-Type=text/plain,Accept=*/*.
bodyHTTP request body.
proxyHTTP Proxy address as host:port.
enable_http2Enable HTTP/2.
disable_redirectsDisable following of HTTP redirects.


Hey.TimeoutTimeout for each request.number
Hey.ConcurrencyMax number of concurrent workers.number
Hey.RequestsNumber of requests sent to URL.number
Hey.SlowestTimeThe slowest time it took for a request to finish.number
Hey.FastestTimeThe fastest time it took for a request to finish.number
Hey.SuccessfulResponsesThe number of responses that returned with 200 status code.number
Hey.AverageTimeThe average time it took for a request to finish.number
Hey.ResultThe full result in text format when output is set to "human_readable"number