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This Script is part of the Filters And Transformers Pack.#

Supported versions

Supported Cortex XSOAR versions: 6.9.0 and later.

A transformer for if-elif-else logic.#

The If-Elif transformer simulates a python "if elif else" tree using a JSON provided in the conditions argument. The JSON should be a list of dictionaries where all have the keys "condition", which holds a boolean expression, and "return", which holds the value to return if "condition" is evaluated to be true. To return a default value if all "condition"s were false, the last dictionary should have only the key "default" holding the valid JSON value. If this is not provided an empty string will be returned as a default. In order to prevent injections, context values should be retrieved from the value entered in the value (Get) of the transformer with the hash-curly brackets #{...} syntax. This syntax has the same behavior as the classic XSOAR ${...} syntax and uses the Cortex XSOAR Transform Language (DT). To provide the full context to the transformer, use ${.} as the value (Get) argument. Note: when used as a "return" value, this syntax should not be surrounded by quotes.

Supported operators for conditions:#

Comparison operators work like Python operators:

==Equalx == y
!=Not equalx != y
>Greater thanx > y
<Less thanx < y
>=Greater than or equal tox >= y
<=Less than or equal tox <= y
inInx in y
not inNot inx not in y

Note: If a comparison is incomparable by nature (e.g., 'a' < 3), it will evaluate to false.

Logical operators also follow the Python syntax:

andReturns True if both statements are truex < 5 and x < 10
orReturns True if one of the statements is truex < 5 or x < 4
notReverse the result, returns False if the result is truenot(x < 5 and x < 10)

Regular expressions are implemented with the "regex_match" function, in the format: regex_match('pattern', 'string'). The behavior of the function is controlled with the flags argument.

Literal strings should preferably be surrounded by single quotes. Do not use #{...} in a string, instead, use the + operator. For example: 'first ' + #{second.string} + ' third' will be equal to the common "first ${second.string} third". (This method can be used for lists too.) Note: If the + operator is used on distinct types (e.g., 'a' + None), it will evaluate to None (null).

The following flags can be used in the flags argument to control the transformer's behavior:

case_insensitiveComparisons between strings and regex matches are case-insensitive.'WoRd' == 'wOrD'
list_compareComparing an object with a list also compares the object with all values in the list and evaluates to true if any comparison is true.
Works on operators: < > <= >= in not in +
'word' in ['word1', 'word2']
regex_dot_allMake the . special character match any character at all, including a newline. Without this flag, . will match anything except a newline.regex_match('a.b', 'a\nb')
regex_multilineThe patterns ^ and $ will match the beginning and end of each line respectively as opposed to the beginning and end of the string.regex_match('^\d$', '1\n2\n')
regex_full_matchRegex patterns will be compared with the whole string to find a match.not regex_match('\d+', 'a12345')


value (Get):#
"condition": "'www.' + #{} + '.com' not in #{approved.sites}",
"return": #{} + "/home"
"condition": "#{number} >= 5 and #{} == 'Yes'",
"return": "valid"
"condition": "regex_match('\d+', #{some.value})",
"return": #{}
"default": #{default.value}

Script Data#

Script Typepython3
Tagstransformer, general
Cortex XSOAR Version6.9.0


Argument NameDescription
valueThe object from which to grab values. For the full context use "${.}".
conditionsA JSON formatted list, where all but the last items are dictionaries with the keys "condition" (holding a boolean expression) and "return" (holding the value to return if "condition" is true).
The last dictionary can have the key "default" which can hold any valid JSON object to return if no "condition" was true.
flagsFlags to control comparison and regular expression behavior. Possible values are: case_insensitive, list_compare, regex_dot_all, regex_multiline, regex_full_match.


There are no outputs for this script.