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This Script is part of the Atlassian Jira Pack.#

Simplifies the process of creating a new issue in Jira. Fields can be added in the record as script arguments and or in the code, and have a newly created issue easily.

Script Data#

Script Typepython
Tagsjira, example


This script uses the following commands and scripts.

  • jira-delete-issue
  • jira-create-issue


Argument NameDescription
summaryThe summary of the issue. (mandatory)
projectKeyThe issue that will be associated with the project key.
issueTypeNameSelect the issue type by name. For example, "Problem".
issueTypeIdSelect the issue type by its numeric ID.
projectNameThe project name to associate the issue with.
descriptionThe issue description.
labelsThe comma-separated list of labels.
priorityThe priorty name. For example, "High" or "Medium".
dueDateThe due date for the issue, in format: "2018-03-11"
assigneeThe assignee name.
reporterThe reporter name.
parentIssueKeyThe parent issue key, if a sub-task was created.
parentIssueIdThe parent issue ID, if a sub-task was created.


Ticket.IdThe ID of the ticket.Unknown
Ticket.KeyThe key of the ticket.Unknown