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This Script is part of the Common Scripts Pack.#

Schedules the polling task. This script is called by the GenericPolling playbook.

Script Data#

Script Typepython
Cortex XSOAR Version4.0.0+


Argument NameDescription
idsThe list of IDs to poll.
pollingCommandThe name of the polling command to run.
pollingCommandArgNameThe name of the argument of the polling command.
dtThe DT filter for polling IDs.
playbookIdThe ID of the playbook that contains the manual task which will be completed once the polling is done.
intervalThe frequency to poll. How often the polling command should run (in minutes).
timeoutThe amount of time to poll before declaring a timeout and resume the playbook (in minutes).
tagThe tag of the blocking manual task ("Wait For Polling Task To Finish").
additionalPollingCommandArgNamesThe names of additional arguments for the polling command. For example, "arg1,arg2,...".
additionalPollingCommandArgValuesThe values of the additional arguments for the polling command. For example, "value1,value2,...".


There are no outputs for this script.