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This Script is part of the Common Scripts Pack.#

Replaces regex match/es that are found in the string. This script will return the string after the replacement was preformed.

Script Data#

Script Typejavascript


Argument NameDescription
dataThe string to preform the replacement on.
regexThe regex used to find matches that will be replaced with a new value.
newValueThe new value to replace the regex match. Pass '' to remove regex match.
replaceAllWether to replace matches. Pass true to replace all matches, false to replace only the first occurrence.
caseInsensitiveWhether to preform a case-insensitive search and replace. Pass true to preform case-insensitive search and replace, false for case-sensitive.
multiLinePass true to indicate 'data' is a multi-line string, false otherwise.


StringReplace.ResultThe string after the replacement was preformed.Unknown