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This Script is part of the Common Scripts Pack.#

Unzip a file using fileName or entryID to specify a file. Unzipped files will be loaded to the War Room and names will be put into the context.

Script Data#

Script Typepython3
TagsUtility, file
Cortex XSOAR Version5.0.0

Used In#

Sample usage of this script can be found in the following playbooks and scripts.

  • Comprehensive PAN-OS Best Practice Assessment
  • Cortex XDR - Retrieve File by sha256
  • CrowdStrike Falcon - Retrieve File
  • Get File Sample By Hash - Cylance Protect
  • Local Analysis alert Investigation
  • MDE - Retrieve File
  • PS Remote Get File Sample From Path
  • PS-Remote Get MFT
  • PS-Remote Get Registry
  • Pull Request Creation - Generic


Argument NameDescription
fileNameThe file name.
passwordPassword to protect the ZIP file.
nonsensitive_passwordPassword to protect the ZIP file, inserted as a non sensative argument.
entryIDThe entry ID of the attached ZIPp file in the War Room.
lastZipFileInWarroomEnter 'yes' (or any other value) if the ZIP file is last ZIP file in the War Room.
zipToolTool to extract zip


ExtractedFilesA list of file names that were extracted from the ZIP file.Unknown