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Set Up Your Remote Dev Environment

This is a tutorial to set up a fully configured remote environment with VSCode Dev Containers.



  1. Download and install from here.
  2. Install the remote extension pack.


  • Windows: Docker Desktop 2.0+ on Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise. Windows 10 Home (2004+) requires Docker Desktop 2.3+ and the WSL 2 back-end.
  • macOS: Docker Desktop 2.0+.
  • Linux: Docker CE/EE 18.06+ and Docker Compose 1.21+

Follow the instructions here to install Docker to your operating system.


Windows Users#

For better performance, use WSL.

  • Follow the instructions here to get started with WSL.

  • Follow the instructions here to open WSL in VSCode.

  • After installing WSL, enable docker support on it.

  • Make sure that WSL 2 is installed with:

    wsl --list --verbose

    Make sure that the installed distribution is running WSL 2.

    To change versions, use the command:

    wsl --set-version <distro name> 2

    Replace <distro name> with the name of the Linux distribution that you want to update. For example, wsl --set-version Ubuntu 2 will set your Ubuntu distribution to use WSL 2.


You can clone the terminal, and you can work directly with VSCode. To work with Github in VSCode, follow the instructions here.

Open the repository in VSCode#

If you cloned the repository with VSCode, you can skip this step.

  1. Open VSCode.
  2. Go to File > Open Folder.
  3. Select your GitHub repository.

Open the Dev Container#

  1. Click this green button: image
  2. Click Reopen in Container.
  3. Wait a few minutes until the Dev Container is ready.


The environment contains demisto-sdk, zsh, git, pyenv, poetry, preinstalled system and python dependencies, and recommended extensions, including XSOAR VSCode extension

Follow the XSOAR VSCode extension to get started with our features.

If you are not familiar with using VSCode, follow the Getting Started guide.

Using with MacOS or native Windows#

As Docker is not native for Mac or in Windows, there could be performance issues. If facing performance issues, try the following:

  • If you're in Windows, use WSL2.
  • Update your Docker.
  • Disable Autosave in the VSCode.


If there are errors in opening the dev container, try the following:

  • Update your Docker.
  • Clean up your Docker:
docker system prune -a --volumes
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