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Design Your Contribution

A fundamental step of creating a Content Pack is understanding what you want to achieve with your contribution and making sure to design it correctly.

Having a correct design means making sure that the use cases are fulfilled properly, and that the different components of your Content Pack function properly and interact well together.

We recommend the following process:

  1. Understand the use cases you want your contribution to solve. See examples here.
  2. Identify which components you need to build in order to achieve the use case, and which ones you can reuse from existing Content Packs. Will you just create Playbooks? Or Integrations as well? This is important to scope the amount of time and effort needed to create your Content Pack.
  3. Follow the Best Practices as much as possible.
  4. Compile the Design Document you received from the Cortex XSOAR Alliances Team. Here is an empty template you can use. Ask for a review if you want to make sure it's work. Click here to see a compiled example of a Design Document.

After your design is at least 50% complete and you have an idea of what you need to do, start building the content. You can get back to the design to review details later in an continuous process.

Follow the Contribution Design tutorial for more details.

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