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Use Cases

This section includes common Use Cases for the different categories of Cortex XSOAR integrations. While this list is not meant to be exhaustive, it's a good starting point for you to understand what use cases could be supported by your integration.

Analytics and SIEM#

Top Use Cases:

  • Fetch Incidents with relevant filters
  • Create, close and delete incidents/events/cases
  • Update Incidents - Update status, assignees, Severity, SLA, etc.
  • Get events related to an incident/case for enrichment/investigation purposes.
  • Query SIEM (consider aggregating logs)

Please Note: Will normally include the Fetch Incidents possibility for the instance. Can also include list-incidents or get-incident as integration commands. Important information for an Event/Incident

Analytics & SIEM Integration Example: ArcSight ESM


Top Use Cases:

  • Use credentials from authentication vault in order to configure instances in Cortex XSOAR (Save credentials in: Settings -> Integrations -> Credentials) The integration should include the isFetchCredentials Parameter, and other integrations that will use credentials from the vault, should have the ‘Switch to credentials’ option.
  • Lock/Delete Account – Give option to lock account (credentials), and unlock/undelete.
  • Reset Account - Perform a reset password command for an account.
  • List credential names – Do not post the actual credentials. (For example – Credential name: McAfee ePO, do not show actual username and password.)
  • Lock Vault – In case of an emergency (if the vault has been compromised), allow the option to lock + unlock the whole vault.
  • Step-Up authentication - Enforce Multi Factor Authentication for an account.

Authentication Integration Example: CyberArk AIM

Case Management#

Top Use Cases:

  • Create, get, edit, close a ticket/issue, add + view comments.
  • Assign a ticket/issue to a specified user.
  • List all tickets, filter by name, date, assignee.
  • Get details about a managed object, update, create, delete.
  • Add and manage users.

Case Management/Ticketing Integration Example: ServiceNow

Data Enrichment & Threat Intelligence#

Top Use Cases:

  • Enriching information about different IOC types:
    • Upload object for scan and get the scan results. (If there’s a possibility to upload private/public, default should be set to private).
    • Search for former scan results about an object (This way you can get information about a sample without uploading it yourself).
    • Enrich information and scoring for the object.
  • Add/Search for indicators in the system.
  • Add indicators to allow list / block list.
  • Calculate DBot Score for indicators.

Data Enrichment & Threat Intelligence Integration Example: VirusTotal

Email Gateway#

Top Use Cases:

  • Get message – Download the email itself, retrieve metadata, body.
  • Download attachments for a given message.
  • Manage senders – Block/ Allow specified mail senders.
  • Manage URLs – Block/ Allow the sending of specified URLs.
  • Encode/ Decode URLs in messages.
  • Release a held message (The gateway can place suspicious messages on hold, and sometimes they would need to be released to the receiver).

Email Gateway Integration Example: MimeCast


Top Use Cases:

  • Fetch Incidents & Events
  • Get event details (from specified incident)
  • Quarantine File
  • Isolate and contain endpoints
  • Update Indicators (Network, hashes, etc.) by policy (can be block, monitor) – Block list
  • Add indicators to allow list
  • Search for indicators in the system (Seen indicators and related incidents/events)
  • Download file (based on hash, path)
  • Trigger scans on specified hosts
  • Update .DAT files for signatures and compare existing .DAT file to the newest one on the server
  • Get information for a specified host (OS, users, addresses, hostname)
  • Get policy information and assign policies to endpoints

Endpoint Integration Examples: Cortex XDR, Tanium and Carbon Black Protection

Forensics and Malware Analysis#

Top Use Cases:

  • Submit a file and get a report (detonation)
  • Submit a URL and get a report (detonation)
  • Search for past analysis (input being a hash/url).
  • Retrieve a PCAP file
  • Retrieve screenshots taken during analysis.

Sandbox Integration Example: Cuckoo Sandbox

Network Security (Firewall)#

Top Use Cases:

  • Create block/accept policies (Source, Destination, Port), for IP addresses and domains.
  • Add addresses and ports (services) to predefined groups, create groups, etc.
  • Support custom url categories.
  • Fetch network logs for a specific address for a configurable time frame.
  • URL filtering categorization change request
  • Built in blocked rule command for fast-blocking.
  • If there is a Management FW, allow the option to manage policy rules through it.

Network Security Firewall Integration Example: Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS

Network Security (IDS/IPS)#

Top Use Cases:

  • Get/Fetch alerts.
  • Get PCAP file, packet.
  • Get network logs filtered by time range, ip addresses, ports, etc.
  • Create/manage/delete policies and rules.
  • Update signatures from an online source / upload + Get last signature update information.
  • Install policy (if existing).

Network Security (IPS/IDS) Integration Example: ProtectWise

Vulnerability Management#

Top Use Cases:

  • Enrich asset – get vulnerability information for an asset (or a group of assets) in the organization.
  • Generate/Trigger a scan on specified assets.
  • Generate scheduled scans.
  • Get a scan report including vulnerability information for a specified scan and export it.
  • Get details for a specified vulnerability.
  • Scan assets that have a specific vulnerability.
  • Get hosts latest vulnerability.

Vulnerability Management Integration Example:

IAM (Identity and Access Management)#

Top Use Cases:

  • Create, update and delete users.
  • Manage user groups.
  • Block users, Force change of passwords.
  • Manage access to resources and applications.
  • Create, update and delete roles.
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