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Documentation Contributions

Our developer docs and reference Content docs are open source and hosted on GitHub. We've integrated the editing experience via GitHub directly into our docs site to make it even easier to contribute and suggest improvements.

Editing an Existing Document#

To fix small errors and omissions in existing documents we recommend editing the document directly via a pull request (PR). While you can create an issue to report the error, it is often faster and easier to simply edit the document with the suggested fix via a pull request.

  1. For most pages you will see an Edit this Page option at the bottom of the page.

    Note: if the Edit this page option is not available, it means the page is not open for public contribution. Feel free to still report an issue.

  2. Once the Edit this page link is clicked, a new window from GitHub will open up. The window will contain the page in markdown view with an option to edit the page. Click the Pencil icon to start editing the page.

    Note: If the pencil icon is grayed out, you need to log in to your GitHub account or if necessary create a new account.

  3. Edit the page with your changes. Use the Preview changes tab to check the formatting of your changes.

  4. Once editing is completed, scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter a title and description for your proposed change and click Propose changes.

  5. After clicking on Propose changes. You will be taken to a new page: Comparing changes. In this page you will be able to compare your changes and create a pull request. Click the Create pull request button.

  6. You will be taken to a new page: Open a pull request. Edit the title for the pull request and fill out the description of the PR. Click Create pull request.

  7. Congratulations! You've completed creating a pull request. A team member will review and merge your PR. If you've made larger changes, you may get feedback or questions via the comments on the PR.

Reporting a Documentation Issue#

If you've found an issue with one of our docs and you are not sure how to fix it via a pull request, feel free to report an issue. Reporting issues help us improve our docs and focus our efforts on the docs that matter the most to our community.

  1. You can report an issue for a specific document by clicking the Report an issue button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Once the Report an issue button is clicked, a new windows from GitHub will open up. The window will contain GitHub's issue form. Make sure to fill out the issue template with a clear and concise description. If applicable, include screenshots to help explain the issue you encountered. Click Submit new issue.
  3. A team member will review the issue and may ask for additional clarifications and your opinion via the comments on the issue.
  4. Once a PR is created, it will be linked to the issue. Feel free to review and comment on the PR. After the PR is merged the issue will be resolved and closed.
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