Contributing from Cortex XSOAR UI

Cortex XSOAR v6.0 introduces a Marketplace which is the central location for installing, exchanging, contributing, and managing all of your content, including playbooks, integrations, automations, fields, layouts, and more. For more information, you can read all about the Marketplace.

This article walks you through the process of contributing content from the Cortex XSOAR Server to the Marketplace. This flow is meant to ease and speed up the contribution process for individual contributors who are not fully familiar with GitHub and how the Pull Request process works. Technology Partners should not use this flow and submit their Packs via a GitHub Pull Request.

  1. Contribute your content pack from Cortex XSOAR. For more information, see Contribute a Content Pack.

  2. After you contribute the content pack a message displays explaining that your contribution is ready for review, and includes a link to a form you need to fill in to complete your contribution. You will receive an email with a link to the form.

  3. In the form, complete the following steps.

    • Fill in additional details, such as, pack name, author, and description.
    • Log in to your GitHub account so you can participate in the review process of the pull request that will be opened for your content pack.
    • Sign the Palo Alto Networks Contributor License Agreement.
  4. After you submit the form you will be redirected to a page that informs you that pack was received and is being processed.

  5. A GitHub branch will be created in the xsoar-contrib Content repository fork based on the pull request that will be opened.

  6. You will receive an invitation to join the xsoar-contrib organization, so the xsoar-bot will be able to invite you to a GitHub team and grant you write permissions to the created branch. (Each contributor can only modify files in content packs that they contributed).

  7. The pull request is created and a reviewer is assigned.

  8. You can now modify the files changed in the pull request as part of the review process.


In order to update the content pack that you contributed, you will need to modify the files in the pull request created in GitHub or close the pull request and create a new contribution.

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