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Contribution Demo Preparation

This document includes info on how to prepare for a demo and how it will be conducted.
Please make sure you review it before the demo.

Contribution Demo#

A demo is the last stage of the contribution before it is merged into the Content internal repo. In order to be prepared as much as possible and avoid post-demo change requests, make sure to go through the steps detailed in this document.

General Notes#

  • The purpose of the demo is to make sure the contribution is up to Cortex XSOAR standards and to ensure that everything works as expected while providing a good UX.
  • The participants who will take part in the demo are the contributor, the PR reviewer, and based on the content of the PR, a security reviewer as well.
  • The demo should take up to an hour (based on the PR size).

Pre Demo#

  • Make sure the change requests from your code review are fully addressed and fixed.
  • Prepare a Cortex XSOAR instance that has all the recent changes and has the most updated version of your pack. The demo will be performed in this environment.

Demo Agenda and Workflow#

The following may change given the scope and the size of the contribution.

  • Product overview - short general explanation about the product.
  • Overview of the use cases implemented in the pack - the use cases the customer will use the pack for.
  • Overview of the integration commands implemented - which commands are implemented.
  • Demo integration instance configuration:
    • Verify that it is clear how to retrieve required credentials.
    • Verify correct error handling - what happens when the credentials are wrong.
  • Demo integration commands:
  • Demo fetch incidents (if applicable) - verify that incidents are fetched and displayed correctly.
  • Demo playbooks (if applicable).
  • Review layout, incident and indicator type, incident and indicator fields, and classifiers (if applicable).
    • Verify layout is bound to incident / indicator type.
    • Verify incident / indicator fields are bound to incident / indicator types.
    • Verify classifier is bound to incident type.
    • Verify playbook is bound to an incident type.

Post Demo#

  • If there were any changes requested during the demo by the reviewers, they must be fixed and committed.
  • After all requested changes are made, the PR will be merged.
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