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Managing Credentials

Credentials simplify and compartmentalize admin tasks, and enable you to save credentials without exposing usernames, passwords, or certificates. You can also reuse credentials across multiple systems, for example, when using the same Administrator password across multiple endpoints.

After you set up a credential, you can configure integration instances to use it instead of entering the name and password manually. Also, when you configure a system in which an agent will be deployed, you can use the credentials argument instead of user and password.

There are several ways you can configure credentials for an integration instance.

  • Manually enter a username and password when you configure the integration instance.
  • Use credentials from Cortex XSOAR Credentials.
  • Use credentials saved in an external credentials vault, e.g., CyberArk, or HashiCorp.

Manually Enter Credentials#

  1. Navigate to the integration you want to configure and click Add instance.
  2. In the Credentials field, type a username for this integration instance.
  3. In the Password field, type a password to use for this integration instance.


Configure Cortex XSOAR Credentials#

Cortex XSOAR Credentials enables you to centrally manage credentials, which include a unique name for the credential, username, password, and certificate. You can then select the credential name when configuring an integration instance.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Credentials.
  2. Click the +New button to add a new credential.
  3. Configure the credential.
Credential NameThe display name for the credential
UsernameThe username for the credential
PasswordThe password for the credential
WorkgroupThe workgroup to associate this credential with. This is relevant for third-party services, such as Active Directory, CyberArk, HashiCorps, etc.
CertificateCertificate or SSH key to use for the credential

Configure an External Credentials Vault#

Cortex XSOAR integrates with external credential vaults, which enables you to use them in Cortex XSOAR without hard coding or exposing the credentials. The credentials are not stored in Cortex XSOAR, rather, the integration fetches the credentials from the external vault when called. The credentials are fetched and cached in-memory for 10 minutes by default, can be modified with the vault.module.cache.expire configuration key (set to 0 will disable caching). The credentials are passed to the relevant executed integrations as part of the integration parameters.

Sample Credentials Provider Integrations:

After the integration is configured to fetch credentials, the credentials will be available from the Credentials drop-down menu, and for use in automations and playbooks. To use these credentials in an integration, click Switch to credentials, and select the necessary credential from the drop-down menu.

Sample Screenshots:#