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TAXII Server

This Integration is part of the TAXII Server Pack.#

Supported versions

Supported Cortex XSOAR versions: 5.5.0 and later.

TAXII Service Integration#

This integration provides TAXII Services for system indicators (Outbound feed).

Configure Collections#

Each TAXII collection in the integration is represented by a Cortex XSOAR indicator query.

The collections are defined by a JSON object in the following format:

"collection_name": "<Cortex XSOAR indicator query>"

How to Access the TAXII Service#

(For Cortex XSOAR 6.x)

  • https://*demisto_address*/ins Use one of the following options:tance/execute/*instance_name/taxii-discovery-service
  • http://*demisto_address*:*listen_port*/taxii-discovery-service

(For Cortex XSOAR 8 or Cortex XSIAM):

  • https://ext-<tenant>.crtx.<region><instance-name>/{taxii2_api_endpoint}/ For running on an engine: http://demisto_address:listen_port/{taxii2_api_endpoint}/

Access the TAXII Service by Instance Name#

To access the TAXII service by instance name, make sure Instance execute external is enabled.

  1. For Cortex XSOAR 6.x:
    1. Navigate to Settings > About > Troubleshooting.
    2. In the Server Configuration section, verify that the instance.execute.external key is set to true. If this key does not exist, click + Add Server Configuration and add the instance.execute.external and set the value to true.
  2. Trigger the TAXII Service URL:
    • For Cortex XSOAR 6.x: <CORTEX-XSOAR-URL>/instance/execute/<INTEGRATION-INSTANCE-NAME>. For example, Note that the string instance does not refer to the name of your XSOAR instance, but rather is part of the URL.
    • (For Cortex XSOAR 8 or Cortex XSIAM) https://ext-<tenant>.crtx.<region><instance-name>

How to use HTTPS#

To use HTTPS, a certificate and private key have to be provided in the integration configuration.

The HTTP Server check box needs to be unchecked.

How to use authentication#

The integration allows the use of basic authentication in the requests. To enable basic authentication, a user and password have to be supplied in the Credentials parameters in the integration configuration.

The server will then authenticate the requests by the Authorization header, expecting basic authentication encrypted in base64 to match the given credentials.


  • If the URL address returned in the service response is wrong, you can set it in the TAXII Service URL Address integration parameter.