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This Script is part of the Cuckoo Sandbox Pack.#


Use the 'cuckoo-create-task-from-file' command instead.

Deprecated. Use the 'cuckoo-create-task-from-file' command instead.

Adds a file to the list of pending tasks. Returns the ID of the newly created task.

Script Data#

Script Typepython


This script uses the following commands and scripts.

  • cuckoo-create-task-from-file


Argument NameDescription
entryIDThe ID of the entry containing the file to detonate.
machineThe label of the machine to use for analysis. (optional)
packageThe analysis package to be used for the analysis. (optional)
timeoutThe analysis timeout (in seconds). (optional)
enforce_timeoutEnforces the execution for the full timeout value when enables. (optional)
platformThe name of the platform to select the analysis machine from (e.g. “windows”). (optional)
tagsThe machine to define to start by tags. The platform must be set to use this (comma-separated). (optional)
memoryCreates a full memory dump of the analysis machine when enabled. (optional)
optionsThe options to pass to the analysis package. (optional)


There are no outputs for this script.