IoT RACI model script

Script Data

Script Typepython3
Demisto Version5.5.0

This script is using the device and incident attributes to evaluate the Responsible (R) and Informed (I) parties in the RACI model.

A list variable needs to be created with a fixed format JSON. You can create a new XSOAR list variable under Settings > Advanced > Lists.

By default, the name of the list variable is IOT_CONFIG.

There are three main sections in the JSON: devices, alerts, and groups.

"devices" is a list of devices mapping to the owners based on the device_id, which is a concatenation of the device's category, profile, vendor and model delimited by "|".

  • device_id: a regular expression to match
  • owner: a group name, which is also defined in the "groups" section

"alerts" is a list of conditions to map a combination of IoT incident type and incident names to the RACI model.

  • iot_raw_type: either "IoT Alert" or "IoT Vulnerability"
  • name_regex: a list of regular expressions trying to match with the alert/vulnerability names
  • raci: a section to define the RACI model for the match. If the value is "IOT_OWNER", we look up the underlying group using the mapping in "devices" section.

"groups" is all the groups found in the "devices" and "alerts" section.

  • email: the email of the group, this is used when setting the incident owner in XSOAR or sending an email through the email integration
  • snow: it has three fields, table, fields and custom_fields. Those are the fields when you use the official ServiceNow integration when you create a ServiceNow ticket.

Here is the template of the JSON:

"devices": [
"device_id": "Audio Streaming|Profusion.*",
"owner": "IT_AUDIO_VIDEO"
"device_id": "Camera|Avigilon Camera.*",
"alerts": [
"iot_raw_type": "IoT Alert",
"name_regex": [
"raci": {
"r": "SOC",
"i": ["IOT_OWNER"]
"iot_raw_type": "IoT Vulnerability",
"raci": {
"r": "IOT_OWNER",
"i": ["INFOSEC", "SOC"]
"groups": {
"email": ""
"SOC": {
"email": ""
"email": ""
"email": "",
"snow": {
"table": "incident",
"fields": {
"assignment_group": "98dae8874fd67348bf547fe24210c7a0"
"custom_fields": {
"u_custom_field1": "IT",
"u_category": "05b9e5371b3b08905f28fc43cd4bcbe2"
"email": ""

Used In

This script is used in the following playbooks and scripts.

  • PANW IoT Incident Handling with ServiceNow


Argument NameDescription
alert_nameThe name of the IoT alert.
raw_typeThe raw type of the incident.
categoryThe device category.
profileThe device profile.
vendorThe device vendor.
modelThe device model.
iot_config_list_nameThe variable name for IOT_CONFIG.


PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACIThe RACI model of the IoT incidentunknown
PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACI.rThe responsible in the RACI modelstring
PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACI.r_emailThe email of responsible in the RACI modelstring
PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACI.iThe informed in the RACI modelstring
PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACI.i_emailThe emails of informed in the RACI model delimited by commastring
PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACI.ownerThe IoT owner of the devicestring
PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACI.r_snowThe ServiceNow information of the incident responsiblestring
PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACI.r_snow.fieldsThe fields of the ServiceNow ticketstring
PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACI.r_snow.custom_fieldsThe custom fields of the ServiceNow ticketstring
PaloAltoNetworksIoT.RACI.r_snow.tableThe table of the ServiceNow ticketstring