Set a value in context under the key you entered.

Script Data#

Script Typejavascript

Used In#

Sample usage of this script can be found in the following playbooks and scripts.

  • Arcsight - Get events related to the Case
  • Detonate File - BitDam
  • Endace Search Archive Download PCAP v2
  • Illinois - Breach Notification
  • Illusive - Incident Escalation
  • Malware Investigation - Generic - Setup
  • QRadar - Get offense correlations v2
  • QRadar Indicator Hunting
  • SafeBreach - Create Incidents per Insight and Associate Indicators
  • Wait Until Datetime


Argument NameDescription
keyThe key to set. Can be a full path such as "Key.ID". If using append=true can also use a DT selector such as "Data(val.ID == obj.ID)".
valueThe value to set to the key. Can be an array.
appendIf false then the context key will be overwritten. If set to true then the script will append to existing context key.
stringifyWhether the argument should be saved as a string.


There are no outputs for this script.

Script Example#

!Set key="Data(val.ID == obj.ID)" value=`{"ID": "test_id", "Value": "test_val2"}` append="true"

Context Example#

"Data": {
"ID": "test_id",
"Value": "test_val2"

Human Readable Output#

Key Data(val.ID == obj.ID) set