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This Script is part of the Common Scripts Pack.#

Set a value in context under the key you entered.

Script Data#

Script Typejavascript

Used In#

Sample usage of this script can be found in the following playbooks and scripts.

  • Arcsight - Get events related to the Case
  • Detonate File - BitDam
  • Endace Search Archive Download PCAP v2
  • Illinois - Breach Notification
  • Illusive - Incident Escalation
  • Malware Investigation - Generic - Setup
  • QRadar - Get offense correlations v2
  • QRadar Indicator Hunting
  • SafeBreach - Create Incidents per Insight and Associate Indicators
  • Wait Until Datetime


Argument NameDescription
keyThe key to set. Can be a full path such as "Key.ID". If using append=true can also use a DT selector such as "Data(val.ID == obj.ID)".
valueThe value to set to the key. Can be an array (e.g. ["",""]) or JSON (e.g. {"key":"value"}).
appendIf false then the context key will be overwritten. If set to true then the script will append to existing context key.
stringifyWhether the argument should be saved as a string.


There are no outputs for this script.

Script Example#

!Set key="Data(val.ID == obj.ID)" value=`{"ID": "test_id", "Value": "test_val2"}` append="true"

Context Example#

"Data": {
"ID": "test_id",
"Value": "test_val2"

Human Readable Output#

Key Data(val.ID == obj.ID) set

Known Limitations#

The script has some limitations with appending to the context in different cases and formats:

  • The value argument can't be larger than 25MB. In general, it is not recommended to ingest large data to context values.
  • When append is set to false - the script will not support dt operations given as part of the key argument.
  • When Set is called from within another script - if append is set tot true it is necessary to manually return the results given by the demisto.executeCommand, for the context update to take place. For example:
    res = execute_command('Set', {'append': 'true', 'key': 'MyKey', 'value': 'MyValue'})