Frequently Asked Questions

Which IDEs do you support?

  • We have PyCharm plugin
  • You can develop integrations and scripts in Cortex XSOAR
  • Playbooks can only be developed in Cortex XSOAR.

Which Python version you support?

Cortex XSOAR supports both Python2 and Python3. For new contributions we require Python3.

Can I develop in JavaScript?

Cortex XSOAR supports JavaScript integrations and scripts. Our preferred development language is Python, and all new integrations and scripts should be developed in Python, which also provides a wider set of capabilities compared to the available JavaScript support. Simple scripts may still be developed in JavaScript.

Which OSs are supported for development?

Our recommended OS for development is either macOS or Linux, as we use bash and docker in some of our validation/testing flows.

If you are working on Windows, you can either work with a Linux VM or utilize Windows Subsystem for Linux.


Cortex XSOAR content repository has a MIT License.

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